Dutch sophisticated, handmade, watches

A real dutch watch-brand

Johan Büdgen is the man behind the dutch brand WatchID; since 2000 he makes his watches. He is an architect, a technician and designer, a man who also wants perfection for his watches. Therefore he designs and makes everything himself, except the saphire glass and Swiss movement.
July 2019 WatchID started working together with Zillawatch, a new step into the future.

January the 12th of 2020 we launched the 39mm WatchID#6 at the “Rikketik” fair, Houten-Netherlands.

At the moment Johan has built three 39mm dressy watches; the 006, 007 & 008!
This first serie of 3 is ready and the 007 and 008 will be for sale. Below you can see the all new design of the 39mm’s! These are watches with different STP calibers; the 007 has a skeletton movement.

The watches are made of stainless steel, have the special “turning lugs” for a superb whrist-fit and the Swiss STP automatic movement. The prices: the 39er WatchID’s will be from €1500 (plus VAT and P&P) and the 30mm. 005 will go for a very special €950!

We will have these jewels in stock for you. To promote the 007 and 008, they will be sold for the price without VAT!!



Contact WatchID via Zillawatch; we can communicate in Dutch, German, English and a bit French.

Or via the WatchID e-mail & social media channels:

WatchID #007

This is model #007, 39mm w/o crown, 20mm lugs, automatic Swiss STP movement. The 005 (30mm.), 007 and 008 are for sale at the moment. Promotion prices are €950, €1500 and €1750!

Will open a new page!