In Solo, Indonesia, there is a workshop with craftsmen making leather watchstraps in a tradional way: Suka-Strap.

We had some very nice talks with Tamu, Suka-Strap, and in a short time we decided to team up!

At Zillawatch we are proud to have Suka-Strap in our circle of passionated watch-lovers.

Suka-Strap makes leather watch straps in many kinds, many colours and many dimensions.

The designs are so….  different; extrovert ones making your watch stand out of the crowd.

At Zillawatch we will have a stock with a wide variation, have a look below at this page please.

Suka-Straps uses cow, lamb, lizard, stingray, ostrich and croco for their products.

Also you can choose between 18, 20, 22, 24 and 26 mm, colours, stitching, length etc. etc.

We will have a variety from 18 to 24mm. straps available at Zillawatch in the Netherlands and they will be delivered with a free buckle!

To see many more possibilities, have a look at Suka-Strap’s Instagram.

If you are interested in a different or custom-made strap, please contact us for information.

Prices at Zillawatch:

-Cow/Lamb:        €35,00. Double padded €40,00.

-Lizard:                €40,00.

-Stingray:            €45,00.

-Croco/Ostrich:  €70,00.

The straps you see below we have in stock or are on the way from Indonesia to the Netherlands.

Click on the picture and at the description you can see if it is tapered or straight.

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