The Zilla-strap


The Camo-strap.

Extrovert & Different.


In Solo, Indonesia, there is a workshop with craftsmen making leather watchstraps in a tradional way: Suka-Strap.

I had some very nice talks with Tama, the man behind Suka-Strap, and in a short time we decided to team up.

At Zillawatch I am proud to have Suka-Strap in our circle of passionated watch-lovers.

Suka-Strap makes leather watch straps in many kinds, many colours and many dimensions.

The designs are so….  different and extrovert making your watch stand out of the crowd.

Suka-Strap uses cow, lamb, lizard, stingray, ostrich, cotton, croco and even chicken-skin for their products.

I have a variety from 18 to 26mm straps to show, with the accent on the 20, 22 and 24mm straps. 

To see many more possibilities, have a look at Suka-Strap’s Instagram.

If you are interested in a custom-made strap, please contact us. Due to corona it will take a longer time for Tama to make and send it!!!!

Below you see the straps I have in my collection, for info click on the picture.

The actual SukaStrap-prices (plus P&P) you can see here.

  • All
  • 18mm.
  • 20mm.
  • 22mm.
  • 24mm.
  • 26mm.
  • Chicken
  • Cotton
  • Cow
  • Croco
  • Lamb
  • Lizard
  • Ostrich
  • Snake
  • Stingray

Suka-Strap at Facebook and Instagram: