At Zillawatch we enjoy collecting, wearing and selling watches & accessoires. Below at this page you can see our story and pieces. Be welcome to contact us for information about our collection.


At Zillawatch, we are very enthousiastic about ErrediBi & AS - Italy, WatchID - Netherlands, Suka-Strap - Indonesia and Watchpouch-Belgium. We are proud to be intermediair for our watch-lovers


You are a manufacturer, a collector, a watch-addict or just-interested? Please contact Zillawatch with your remarks or questions. We are always interested in expanding our network of watch-friends.

Sportzilla, the motorcycle, and me.


Riding with passion too!
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Pouches & Rolls by Watchpouch.


Handmade in Belgium with the finest italian leathers. Pouches with backcase protection: €55,00. Watchrolls for 4 watches: from €85,00.
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About Us

It all began as a hobby; wearing, collecting and swapping quality-watches. After a while I developed my own style. An alternative with a wink of the eye wich lead me to create Zillawatch.

The actual collection of Zillawatch “watches & accessoires” can be seen below.

In December 2018 I met Guido from ErrediBi Watches. This Italian watch-maker makes a very different type of watch, from a …..  Nut!!!

As a motorcycle rider-addict (since 1978) this triggered me!!!
The result: ErrediBi and Zillawatch now are co-operating to also spread the RdB-word in the BeNeLux and the Aachen-area!

In May 2019 we got in touch with Alessandro the founder of AS Watches. The attraction was his big and stylish watch.
We started branding AS for him as well as ErrediBi and now Zillawatch is the intermediair for AS too!

As of june 2019 we started to work together with Watchpouch. With exquisite  craftsmanship Wesley, the man behind Watchpouch, makes the exclusive leather Zillawatch-pouches and rolls!

WatchID, owned by Dutchman Johan Büdgen, became our friend in july 2019. They make watch-jewelry with an outstanding finish and a sophisticated, dressy look!

February 2020 we had some sympatic talks with Tamu from Suka-Strap, Indonesia. They joined our group of friends too.
Quality leather watchstraps; good looking, colourful, made with love in the city of Solo.

Progressively forms of “teamwork” have become more and more important to us, but only with brands that fit in the Zillawatch-philosophy; made with love, an identity and passion!

Our five friends, ErrediBi, AS, WatchID, Watchpouch and Suka-Strap are different but all carry this philosophy!

Of course we are member of the relevant Watch-Forums and you can read our personal reviews at the Dutch and German watch forums.

If you require further information: don’t hesitate to ask us! We will always try to communicate in the way that suits you; by  telephone, whatsapp, mail or face to face  in the center of Maastricht.  At the moment we can meet by appointment wich can usually be arranged within a few days. If however, you are interested in a particular item, then please allow us some time to prepare.

Collecting, wearing, swapping and selling our watches and accessoires.

Please contact us for information

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