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It all began as a hobby; wearing, collecting, swapping watches, nice quality-watches. After a time I caught my style, alternative with a wink!!
At first I started the FaceBook Page; just for fun! It is already online, and will be; check it out!!

2019 was the year I met Guido from ErrediBi Watches. This Italian Watch-maker makes a very different watch from…… A Nut!!!
As a motorcycle rider-addict since 1978 this triggered me!!!
ErrediBi and ZillaWatch now are co-operating to spread the RdB-word also in the BeNeLux and the Aachen-area!

So far so good, work in progress!

Charles, ZillaWatch©

SPECIAL MESSAGE FOR MAY 2019:                                                                   May 2019 we start selling the ErrediBi watches for The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourgh and the Aachen-region.                                                                       Buying an ErridiBi watch through Zillawatch in may 2019?                                        Then we will give you a personal discount!!!
Have a look at the ErrediBi-page for this intro-promotion!!

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