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It all began as a hobby; wearing, collecting, swapping quality-watches. After a time I caught my style, alternative with a wink!!
At first I started the FaceBook Page; just for fun! It is already online, and will be; check it out!!

December 2018 I met Guido from ErrediBi Watches. This Italian watch-maker makes a very different watch from…… A Nut!!!

As a motorcycle rider-addict since 1978 this triggered me!!!
ErrediBi and Zillawatch© now are co-operating to spread the RdB-word also in the BeNeLux and the Aachen-area!

May 2019 we got in touch with Alessandro, founder of AS Watches. His watches are big and stylish……                                                                                               For him we started branding AS. And, as for ErrediBi, we are the agent for the BeNeLux and the Aachen region too!    

From june 2019 we started to work together with Watchpouch. With Dutch craftsmanship he makes our exclusive leather Zillawatch©-pouches!

If you want to have some further information: don’t hesitate to ask us!            We’ll try to communicate the way you like; by post, telephone/whatsapp, mail, by appointment in Maastricht (+100km’s!) or………………

Charles, Zillawatch©.

SPECIAL ZILLAWATCH©-OFFERS FOR JUNE 2019:                                               1. Buying an ErridiBi watch through Zillawatch© :                                             You can choose: a discount ór a special accessoire!!                                               2. Buying an AS watch through Zillawatch©:                                                      Then you get the special accessoire!!

Please have a look at the ErrediBi and AS pages for these offers!!                      

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