Designed & made in Italy, with a beautiful wrist presence!

AS Watches

Alessandro Staffetta is the founder of AS Watches. His whole life, he was passionated about cars, motorcycles, karts and everything with an engine.

With that love he creates the AS watches. One by one he builds the industrial styled “Big One(S)” and “Pato” watches as unique pieces!

Since May 2019 AS is working together with Zillawatch.

About the AS-watch:

The cases are crafted, cnc milled, from 316L steel. The glass is made of traditional plexiglass or sapphire and the movement is an accurate ETA 2824. The “Big One” is 48mm wide and 52mm high, a real “Big One”. Thickness is 18,5mm. This is a real exclusive, italian made, watch!

The Big1S is a more slim version of the Big1 and is AS’ newest creation.

A smaller oval watch, the “Pato”,  is also made by AS. Less big and a bit more “fluid”. This watch is 44mm wide, 52mm high and 16,7mm thick. Below-right you can see the Pato “Edizione Maastricht”, custum-made for Zillawatch.

AS already is thinking about new designs for the near future; we have seen pictures of a bullheaded Pato…….!

Getting interested? Please be welcome to contact Zillawatch or AS!


You can get in contact with AS via Zillawatch as we can communicate in Dutch, German, English and a bit French. 

Or via the AS email & social media channels:

The AS models; the Big1, the Big1S and the Pato:


Dimensions: 48mm x 52mm x 18,5mm. Movement: ETA 2824. Glass: standard. WR: 30 atm. Lugs: 24mm.


Dimensions: The lower/slim version of the Big1, 48mm x 52mm. Movement: ETA 2824. Glass: standard. WR: 30 atm. Lugs: 24mm.


Dimensions: 44mm x 52mm x 16,7mm. Movement: ETA 2824. Glass : sapphire. WR : 30 atm. Lugs : 24mm