Zilla-Special 1: the ErrediBi-Eclettico.

This is a custum-made ErrediBi M24 stainless steel watch, the last one RdB made from this material. The Eclettico got it’s name because of the inventive fusion-styling, blended in a smooth design of the case, dial and strap.
The custom leather strap also is handmade by “Spiderstraps”, Tuscany. Designing, re-thinking and making of such a custom made watch can take up to 6 months. 6 Months of working together with Guido from RDB.
My “ErrediBi-Eclettico” shows some of the possibilities when designing your custom ErrediBi!
Does my “Eclettico” make you curious? Then be welcome to have a look at the ErrediBi page for more information
Below you can see the steps we took in the “Eclettico”- process; from thoughts to the real “ErrediBi-Eclettico, manufatto in Italia”!

December 2020 I had a talk with Guido form ErrediBi and we decided to replace the M24 with another ErrediBi, the Titanium M27 “Abracadabra”. A next special, designed and made by ErrediBi Italia. 

Zilla-Special 2: the AS-Edizione Maastricht.

After talking a lot with Alessandro from AS, we got an idea to make a special Pato. The “Pato” is the little brother of the Big One.
Because we wanted to show something different AS optimised the Pato’s shapes and colours.
Remarkeble is how AS starts working with 3D printing.
This Pato, made for Zillawatch, is constructed from bronze with a stainless steel backside.
The yellow dial is linked to Sportzilla, my Motorcycle, and very “poppy”.
The name: …….. Zillawatch is based in Maastricht, the Netherlands; so it will be the “Edizione Maastricht” with the city coat of arms at the backside of the watch!
The strap, of course, is also handmade in Italy.

Follow the story and see what was done out of the box.

ErrediBi M24 "Eclettico"

AS Pato "Edizione Maastricht"