The Zillawatch "ErrediBi-Eclettico"

This is an ErrediBi M24 stainless steel watch, especially made for Zillawatch©! It got this name because of the inventive fusion-styling, blended in a smooth design of the case, dial and strap.
The custom leather strap also is handmade by “Spiderstraps”, Tuscany. Designing, re-thinking and making of such a custom made watch normally can take up to six months.
Our “ErrediBi-Eclettico” shows some of the possibilities when designing your custom ErrediBi!
Does our “Eclettico” make you curious? Then be welcome to have a look at our ErrediBi page for more information
Below you can see the steps we took in the “Eclettico”- process; from thoughts to the real “ErrediBi-Eclettico, manufatto in Italia”!

And this is the result:

The ErrediBi-Eclettico, manufatto in Italia.