Lizard, 20mm, shiney black & gold

Nice golden stitching on this shiney black one.

Cow, 20mm, brown-brown

This is a stylish, traditional brown stitched strap.

Croco, 20mm, burgund-brown

This is a croco-beauty; deep red fading to brown!

Cow, 20mm, light brown

Half padded with a white stitch.

Cow, 20mm, cracked brown

Half padded and classy.

Stingray, 20mm, black

Highgloss black-white stingray.

Stingray, 20mm, blue/red

Red stitching to stand out!

Lamb, 22mm, black-gold

Go in style with this soft strap.

Cow, 22mm, Brown matt

A rough one!

Cow, 22mm, Brown chocolate

Classic one!